Empowering mothers through birth and beyond.

Empowering mothers through birth and beyond.

Empowering mothers through birth and beyond.


My name is Morgan Grondin. I am a Certified BEST Birth & Postpartum Doula in DFW. 

Birth is empowering, beautiful, and unique.  You are worthy of your own story.  Only you know what your body and baby need.  As you start on this new journey, I am here to support, advocate, educate, and join with you.

Morgan Grondin

Your DFW Doula

Supporting Families through Pregnancy and Birth

How It Works:

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Worthy to Birth offers a variety of prenatal and postpartum services in the DFW area. I will be there to hold your hand through the birthing process as well as during postpartum.


My name is Morgan Grondin. I am a Certified BEST Birth & Postpartum Doula. I have been married to my firefighter husband, Andrew, for 10 years. We have two children Haisley(8) & Reed(6).


Have ever wondered what a doula can do for you? Check out the frequently asked questions about doulas in DFW and childbirth ed classes. I support families from pregnancy to birth.

Giving birth goes beyond bringing new life into the world. It’s a transformative experience that shapes women into confident, capable, and resilient mothers who trust their instincts and inner power.

Morgan Grondin a DFW Doula


Morgan stepped into our lives as an overnight postpartum doula during one of the most stressful season of postpartum recovery. We had medical complications with the birth that required mom to be on modified bedrest and the timeline of healing was unknown.
Morgan handled the chaos of our teething toddler and a newborn with grace and understanding. She ensured mom was able to get adequate rest at night, all while keeping baby safe and assisting with light household chores.
We would recommend Morgan again to anybody who needed overnight postpartum work!

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about working with Morgan. From the extremely informative and helpful prenatal sessions, to assisting us in early postpartum, working with Morgan was nothing but a positive experience. During such an intimate and emotional time, Morgan supported us in every way. She always has a positive attitude and is so easygoing. She proactively suggests what she can help with if you’re too overwhelmed to even figure out what could be helpful. Her support to me as a new mom experiencing all the emotions was very patient and understanding. I always felt like I could talk to her without judgement, which was so important. I cannot imagine the labor and postpartum experience without Morgan and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fully supportive doula!

Hannah Taylor

Morgan is a wonderful doula, whose warm and compassionate spirit make her an absolute gem during both the pregnancy and labor experience.

She stayed in close contact throughout the pregnancy, and gave my husband and I some very useful tips for early-labor during a prenatal meeting. I had a very long labor, and Morgan was invaluable, from helping me during contractions, and with movement, to just being a warm and compassionate source of support during a stressful and emotional time. She went way above and beyond what I would expect from a doula. I’II always remember and appreciate her hard work and dedication during my labor throughout the day, and the very long night.

You cannot go wrong with Morgan as your doula, you’ll be thankful she is at your side to walk through this special time with you.